Intellectual Output 4 | MYgrant EVENT

How To Organize My Own Event?

The goal of the output is defined in two dimensions:

  1. to prepare youth workers to support young people in organizing an artistic event with low budget
  2. to give simple instructions to informal groups of young people (including those with migrant background) on how to put into practice their ideas to organize artistic events by themselves.

In order to realize these goals within this output partners will develop two kinds of Guides, depending on the target group:

1. MYgrant EVENT – a guide for youth workers
This product will be a written guide presenting experience of partners in coordination of artistic events for and with young people; The guide will have a maximum of 20 pages of text and graphics. The main idea is to organize events at the lowest costs without losing the artistic quality. The content will cover among other the following: how to engage youth in developing ideas, planning and organizing events, how to get funds or equipment, managing the team, promotion, etc. The guide will be printed and published online and distributed among youth workers and youth organizations.

2. MYgrant EVENT – a brochure for informal groups of youth.
This product will be dedicated to young people who have the idea but have difficulty in organizing the event. A maximum 5-6 page infographic will lead young people step by step through the process of transferring the idea into practice. The brochure will be printed and distributed in youth centres and centres for support of migrants as well as will be available online.

Both products will foster artistic expression of young people.

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MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS (MGM) is an ERASMUS+ project, funded by the European Union.

It supports the social inclusion of young people with migrant background and reinforces their role as active citizens.

The main goal of MGM is to create a supportive environment for youth workers.

They can benefit from a newly developed Handbook, a board game, a digital library and an event guide.