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Multi-Medial & Artistic Methodologies for Youth Work with Migrants

The handbook for youth workers – is the first element of the MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS Program. It is a multidimensional and comprehensive toolkit for those who work with young people with migrant background.

The main goal of this IO is to provide youth workers, no matter if they are freelance or cooperating with any youth organization, with a clear, concise and very detailed description of methodology and scenarios of workshops for young people with migrant backgrounds.

The main idea of the adopted approach to youth work is mixing together traditional methods, the use of new technologies (which, as Blanchard noticed, „play significant role in lives of young people experiencing marginalisation and social isolation”) and possibility to express themselves through various forms of arts (for example: music, drama, dance, photography, comics, movie, poetry, etc.).

Over the past decades creative expression have been increasingly recognized as a useful way to work with migrants. These activities have been used to help them to construct meaning, to structure identity and to work through their traumas and re-establish social ties. On the other hand the „digital youth work” refers not only to the online opportunities and tools, but also to the offline work which might include work with cameras, photocameras or film-editing software, etc.

The mixture of these two approaches is the core of the MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS MediArt Workshops, where art is also a language of communication between young people with migrant backgrounds and the natives.

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MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS (MGM) is an ERASMUS+ project, funded by the European Union.

It supports the social inclusion of young people with migrant background and reinforces their role as active citizens.

The main goal of MGM is to create a supportive environment for youth workers.

They can benefit from a newly developed Handbook, a board game, a digital library and an event guide.